Manpower Rental

We provide what our client needs from the human resources in all disciplines for all governmental and private sectors, and we provide manpower in all specialties and nationalities

Projects management

Gulf Worker is considered one of the leading establishments in the field of project management and operation, whether temporary, seasonal or permanent projects, and it has qualified human resources to manage all projects due to its experience to form work teams and develop appropriate solutions to implement these projects at the appropriate time and cost.

Human Resource Management

Human resources companies play a vital role in the organization by managing every area of human resources by meeting the needs of the company and its employees which include recruitment, employee relations and work, salary management, insurance, government and commercial relations and much more.

Operating Restaurants and Cafes

We provide all facilities to our customers in operating their restaurants by providing manpower and training. We have a staff with great experience in the details of the daily operations of restaurants and cafes

Operating and Maintenance

Providing operation and maintenance services is one of our most important strengths as we provide all construction, engineering maintenance and repairs according to the requirements of our customers and also provide service contracts for towers, shopping complexes, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, etc.


Cleaning services such as cleaning buildings, offices, hotels and all places that require this service and many other facilities

House Cleaning & Maid Services

It is a service of providing trained and qualified household cleaning workers by clock system delivered to the customer’s home according to an agreed schedule, working diligently and actively in providing cleaning, ironing, washing and other services.